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The power of purple 

Baltimore Sun - Jan 11 6:29 AM
Baltimore's favorite shade these days is the color of kings, passion, valor - and Super Bowl halftime acts It began with mollusk mucus -- not the most inviting thought -- a gooey, staining secretion from sea snails. Its dark-red color so delighted folks in ancient times that they used it as a coveted fabric dye. The Greeks coined it porphura. Medieval Europe combined it with rare blue dye to ...
Introduction to Natural Law 
Ludwig von Mises Institute - 18 minutes ago
Posted on 1/12/2007 [Subscribe at email services , tell others , or Among intellectuals who consider themselves "scientific," wrote Murray Rothbard in The Ethics of Liberty , the phrase "the nature of man" is apt to have the effect of a red flag on a bull.

The Education of Thom Mayne - Jan 12 12:40 PM
As he entered the Italian restaurant in Washington, D.C., Thom Mayne sharpened his attack plan in his mind. The bad boy of American architecture was about to meet his new nemesis for the first time, and he wanted to set the tone early.

Secrets well stitched 
Los Angeles Times - Jan 11 3:07 AM
Which designers' gowns will show up on the red carpet? Lips are zipped, but it's fun to guess. Want to know what Helen, Kate, Evangeline, Penélope and Cate will wear to the Golden Globes?

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Medieval Times outside of Chicago
This is the article on the Medieval Times dinner theater chain. Medival Fashion For the historical time period, see Middle Ages.

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament is a chain of dinner theaters Medeival Fashion which stage tournaments in the style of the chivalric contests Medeval Fashion of the High Middle Ages. The company is privately held and headquartered Mediveal Fashion in Buena Park, California.

The original Medieval Times opened as El Castillo del Cid in 1984 in Kissimmee, Medieal Fashion Florida—amidst initial skepticism. Since then it has opened eight additional Meideval Fashion locations primarily in suburban areas of North America including California, Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey and Toronto, Ontario. The Andalusian horses featured in the shows are raised and trained at the company's own Chapel Creek Ranch in Sanger, Texas.

The show

Customers pay for the dinner and show on a single ticket; after purchasing, they gather for pre-show entertainment outside the venue at a "castle" bearing external resemblance to an 11th century northern European castle. Each castle has a capacity of between 1,000 and 1,400 patrons.

Medieval Times actor

Upon admission, patrons are seated at tables encircling a large indoor arena, in which the performing knights engage in jousting as well as sword fighting and individual and equestrian skill games. The house is divided into six sections, each assigned a different color, and the audience members are encouraged to cheer for knights who wear the same color (an authentic nod to traditions of courtly love).

Dinner is served in courses, without eating utensils, as the audience is to eat with their hands in "medieval fashion" (historically, knives were customary; sporks and knives are available at the show for those who desire). There is no menu to choose from; a typical meal for all consists of vegetable soup, garlic bread, bone chicken, one potato, one rib, a varied pastry, and Pepsi, iced tea, beer and/or coffee. It differs from a Medieval kingly feast, with the potato, Pepsi, and coffee being especially anachronistic(see external link named Historical Fiction). Dinner and show are designed to last two hours.

Pop culture

In the 1996 movie The Cable Guy, Jim Carrey's character entertains a customer played by Matthew Broderick at a medieval-themed show. The scene was filmed at the Medieval Times location in Buena Park, California near Knott's Berry Farm.

In the 2004 movie Garden State, one of the characters who works at the New Jersey Medieval Times wears a full suit of mail around the house and is jokingly called a "Fast Food Knight" by another character.

In addition, Medieval Times has been featured in many television programs including MTV's Date My Mom, VH1's Flavor of Love (starring Flavor Flav), TBS's Minding the Store (starring Pauly Shore), The WB's Survival of the Richest, ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Walker, Texas Ranger, and The Osbournes.

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