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Past Shapes Present Into Future 

The Morning News - Jan 12 12:31 AM
Old and new come together in Andy Ward's world. In Ward's shop near Avoca, the new 10,000 computer-assisted plasma cutter gets more use than the circa 1800s coal-fired forge or the World War II metal lathe, but some jobs require all three. And Ward wouldn't have the skills he needs to make everything from decorative gates to belt buckles if he hadn't spent his youth building armor for medieval ...
Should we still be in Iraq? 
Ridgecrest Daily Independent - Jan 12 9:06 AM
With everything that's been going on in our country, should we still be trying to save Iraq or should we be concentrating on saving our selves?

Opinion: Doug Thompson and Daddy Warbucks 
Fayetteville Free Weekly - Jan 11 7:57 AM
Supposedly, an Xbox 360 controller will work on some personal computers. This was news to me. This little tidbit was mentioned in one of those year-end wrap-ups by Gamespy, a respected gamer site.

Dracula Castle May Be for Sale, Family Says 
Fox News - Jan 10 7:07 AM
Transylvanian castle that is one of Romania's top tourist attractions could be yours - for $78 million - if family follows through with plans to sell it.

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