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Going back in time 

Community Press & Recorder - Jan 12 11:46 AM
Sixth-grade students at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart School recently "took a trip" back in time to study medieval history. Students transformed their classroom to fit the period by painting a wall mural of a castle and moat and displaying coats of arms. The students dressed as kings and queens, lords and ladies and jesters, and organized and participated in a traditional medieval feast. ...
The power of purple 
Baltimore Sun - Jan 11 5:27 AM
Baltimore's favorite shade these days is the color of kings, passion, valor - and Super Bowl halftime acts It began with mollusk mucus -- not the most inviting thought -- a gooey, staining secretion from sea snails. Its dark-red color so delighted folks in ancient times that they used it as a coveted fabric dye. The Greeks coined it porphura. Medieval Europe combined it with rare blue dye to ...

Sun King of the oil industry 
Financial Times - Jan 12 9:33 AM
The seemingly never-ending tale of corporate scandal, executive greed and accounting fraud that has unfolded over the past year has pushed some of the world’s most admired corporate titans off their pedestals.

Good golly, it's the Mollys! 
Lynn News - Jan 12 12:54 AM
MORE than 300 people took to the streets of Northwold to revive an age-old tradition this week. (12/01/2007 08:44:40)

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Here is an article on Medieval Kings.

Old Scandinavian sources mention some early medieval kings associated with Finland, presumed to be rulers of the Finns or the Sami. To example, the Fundinn Noregr, written by Snorre Sturluson ca. 1220, mentions the king Fornjótr and his descendants.

In some pseudo-scientific theories these kings have been assumed to be real historical persons, ruling a wide Finnish kingdom. According to the scholarly view, most of these kings are mythological figures. Fornjótr and his sons are probably antropomorphised elements of nature. Despite extensive research, the archaeological evidence does not support the existence of a unified Finnish kingdom.

Chiefs or "petty kings" existed in Finland during the Iron Age and early medieval period, but they are known only from occasional well-furnished burials found by archaeologists. An exception might be a 12th century Kven king called "Faravid", mentioned in Egil's Saga in a realistic setting.

Legendary kings

According to the Ynglinga saga, king Vanlande of Sweden married Drifa, daughter of Old Snow, and their son Visbur ascended later the throne of Svea kingdom. Erik and Alrik were born to king Agne, Visbur's descendant, by Skjalf, daughter of Frosti. From Alrik's descendant Hygelac descend the lines of kings in Denmark (Skjoldung) and in Sweden (later in Norway, Yngling = Scylfing).

According to an Old English poem Widsith, "Caelic reigned Finns". The name has been speculatively connected to the mythological name Kaleva.

See also: Fornjót

In Finnish mythology, Kaleva is the great king of Kainuu in Kalevala. His twelve sons are later the twelve constellations in the sky. Hiisi is one of his sons.

Other mythical kings of Finns are: Auðr (Aude the Rich), Gisi, Andur, Froste (not to be confused with Froste), and Loge (son of Froste, not to be confused with Logi, son of Fornjót).[1]

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