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Shopping for a Villa, He Wound Up With a Village 

New York Times - Jan 10 9:56 PM
A house-hunting American ends up with an entire medieval village.
St. James Boar's Head Festival celebrates the birth of Christ 
Dundas Star News - Jan 12 7:09 AM
Rob Roi carries the "boar's head." Music director Douglas Brownlee reviews the tradition of the boar's head with His Lordship and Her Highness, also known as David and Karen Brown.

Shopping for a villa, he wound up with a village 
International Herald Tribune - Jan 11 6:21 AM
John Phillips spent more than two years looking for a villa in Italy before he saw Borgo Finocchieto in Tuscany. He had always imagined having a place in Italy — he just never thought it would be a whole village.

Home News Tribune - Dec 30 1:44 AM
When the state Division of Travel and Tourism says, "New Jersey and You: Perfect Together," folks from out-of-state might scratch their heads in wonder. But those who live in the Garden State know there are more than 10 reasons we choose to live and play here.

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Bradley is small medieval manor house located amongst woodland and meadows in Newton Abbot, Devon, England. The house is now in the ownership of the National Medival Manor Trust.

The house is noted as one of the most Medeival Manor complete medieval manor houses in Devon, with a fine east front and chapel, Medeval Manor and contains a collection of Pre-Raphaelite art and Arts and Crafts Mediveal Manor furniture.

Bradley was given to the National Trust in 1938 by Mrs A. H. Medieal Manor Woolner. Her family still live in the house and manage it on the Trust's behalf.

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The Great Western Railway built a series of 4-6-0 steam locomotives names after various manor houses. Locomotive 7802 was named Bradley Manor and is preserved on the Severn Valley Railway.

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