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Medieval Faire this weekend in Lehigh 

The News-Press - Jan 12 7:42 AM
Sword fighters, jousters, jugglers and armored knights on horses will be among those at Veterans Park in Lehigh Acres this weekend to entertain...
Forsooth! Merry jousts in Upper Hutt 
NZCity - Jan 11 1:05 PM
12 January 2007 Some of the world's best jousters will be in Upper Hutt this weekend trying to win the "Grail of Chivalry". Organisers say the medieval festival drew around 15,000 people when it was held at Harcourt Park two years ago and a similar crowd is expected this weekend.

The Dresden Files 
Entertainment Weekly - Jan 12 3:06 AM
I am a simple, geeky woman who enjoys watching sexy people in tight pants try to solve mystical riddles while being cosmo-blasted by otherworldly beings.

Shopping for a Villa, He Wound Up With a Village 
New York Times - Jan 10 9:56 PM
A house-hunting American ends up with an entire medieval village.

- Medeival People

Here is an article on Medieval People.

An examination of the major themes in medieval life, from birth to death, from language to performing arts, from country life to Medival People town life, from the structure of the universe to folktales.


  • 1 Rural life
  • 2 Town Medeval People life
  • 3 Religious life
  • 4 Cultural life
    • 4.1 Language Mediveal People and literature
    • 4.2 Education
    • 4.3 Visual Medieal People arts
    • 4.4 Performance Meideval People arts
    • 4.5 Food
  • 5 Stages of life
    • 5.1 Childhood
    • 5.2 Love, Sex and Marriage
    • 5.3 Customs
    • 5.4 Medicine
    • 5.5 Death
  • 6 Time
    • 6.1 The Past
    • 6.2 The Present
      • 6.2.1 Rhythm of the day/week/month/year
    • 6.3 The future
  • 7 The World
    • 7.1 Nature and the Universe
    • 7.2 Other creatures
      • 7.2.1 Animals
      • 7.2.2 Angels and Demons
      • 7.2.3 Mythical creatures

Rural life

  • Manorialism - Rural manor life.
  • Medieval gardening
  • Medieval hunting

Town life

  • Medieval commune - Town defense.
  • Guild - Town trade.
  • Castle town
  • Town and gown - Conflict between students and townspeople.
  • Florilegium Urbanum Selection of primary source texts illustrative of various aspects of medieval urban life, in modern English.
  • Slavery in medieval Europe

Religious life

  • Rule of St Benedict - Daily rituals of a monk.

Cultural life

  • Culture of the United Kingdom
  • History of British society

Language and literature

  • Medieval Latin - The unifying language of high culture.
  • Medieval literature
  • Medieval poetry


  • Medieval university
  • Scholasticism

Visual arts

  • Medieval art
  • Medieval architecture

Performance arts

  • Medieval music
  • Medieval theatre


  • Medieval cuisine

Stages of life

This section looks at the major life stages and how they were expressed in medieval society, from birth to childhood, marriage, old age, sickness and death.


  • William (name) - Example of medieval naming patterns.

Love, Sex and Marriage

  • Courtly love


  • Book of the Civilized Man


  • Medieval medicine



This section examines the nature of time in medieval society, from how people saw the past, to the rhythms of the day, week, month and year in the present, to how people saw and predicted the future.

The Past

  • English historians in the Middle Ages - How English historians saw and wrote about the past.

The Present

Rhythm of the day/week/month/year

The future

  • Six Ages of the World
  • Medieval astrology

The World

Medieval people saw the physical and spiritual world around them in a very different way than we do today.

Nature and the Universe

  • Alchemy in Medieval Europe
  • T-O map

Other creatures


  • Bestiary

Angels and Demons

  • Medieval revenants - Those who returned from the dead.
  • Medieval Christian views on witchcraft

Mythical creatures

  • European dragon
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