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The Santa Clara - Jan 10 11:37 PM
Over the winter break, I unfortunately had to witness Saddam Hussein walk to his death over and over on CNN. It was not exactly an image I wanted to see. The image of a man, walking to the gallows with a noose around his neck, was a sobering moment for me; it seemed medieval and barbaric.
Replacement facility for the aging federal prison has been in the planning stage for several years 
Prince Albert Daily Herald - Jan 12 9:03 AM
If the wheels of justice turn slowly, correctional facilities must be stuck in behind. A replacement facility for the Saskatchewan Penitentiary has been in the planning stage for some years and several more will likely pass before a new one is ready.

Letters to the Editor 
Seattle Times - Jan 11 12:13 AM
A sampling of readers' letters, faxes and e-mail.

In Opinion 
The Santa Clara - Jan 10 11:39 PM
The administration has a duty to make its students aware of the threats posed by the increase in hostility.

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