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Attorneys argue free speech merits in yearbook sword case 

Boston Globe - 1 hour, 41 minutes ago
A high school principal raised the specter of Columbine and other deadly school shootings as among the reasons to keep a photo of a sword-carrying student out of the school yearbook, according to papers filed this week in a lawsuit brought by the student.
Medieval Faire this weekend in Lehigh 
The News-Press - Jan 12 7:42 AM
Sword fighters, jousters, jugglers and armored knights on horses will be among those at Veterans Park in Lehigh Acres this weekend to entertain...

Medieval fair back Saturday 
The News-Press - Jan 09 10:35 PM
Sword fighters, jousters, jugglers and armored knights on horses will be among those at Veterans Park this weekend to entertain visitors.

ECC hosts 'fight' workshop 
The Courier News - Jan 12 2:38 AM
ELGIN -- From rapier and dagger fighting like a Shakespearean character to commanding sword and shield skills like a Roman guard, Elgin Community College will host the largest Midwest stage combat workshop this weekend as more than 160 students, faculty, actors and fight directors from across the nation and Great Britain converge on the college.

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Ewart Oakeshott (25 May 1916 — 30 September 2002) was a British illustrator, collector, and amateur Medival Sword historian who wrote prodigiously on medieval arms and armour. He was a Fellow Medeival Sword of the Society of Antiquaries, a Founder Member of the Arms and Armour Society, and the Founder of the Medeval Sword Oakeshott Institute. His classification Mediveal Sword of the medieval sword, the Oakeshott typology, lives on today as Medieal Sword the premiere work on the systematic organization of medieval weaponry.


Main article: Oakeshott typology

Oakeshott's typology Meideval Sword of medieval and early renaissance swords is among his most influential and most lasting works. The work was not entirely original, nor groundbreaking, however. Dr. Jan Peterson, developed a typology for Viking swords consisting of twenty-six categories. Peterson's typology was simplified by Dr. R.E.M. Wheeler in short order to only seven categories (Type I-VII). This simplified typology was then slightly expanded by Oakeshott by the addition of two transitional types into its current nine categories (Type I-IX). From this basis, Oakeshott began work on his own twelve category typology of the medieval sword ranging from Type X to Type XXII.

List of published works

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