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Going back in time 

Community Press & Recorder - Jan 12 11:46 AM
Sixth-grade students at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart School recently "took a trip" back in time to study medieval history. Students transformed their classroom to fit the period by painting a wall mural of a castle and moat and displaying coats of arms. The students dressed as kings and queens, lords and ladies and jesters, and organized and participated in a traditional medieval feast. ...
Up to 150 Taliban insurgents killed in fierce battle in Afghanistan 
Calcutta News - Jan 12 2:36 AM
NATO officials say the militants were engaged shortly after crossing the border from neighboring Pakistan.

The myth of mead 
The Burlington Free Press - Jan 08 1:21 AM
SHELBURNE -- If mead, that ancient alcoholic beverage made from honey, conjures up images of lords and ladies and medieval banquets where you toss your turkey leg bones on the floor, Jake Feldman wants to change that.

Christmas is drawn to a close by Epiphany 
The Palm Beach Post - Jan 05 9:22 PM
Most people are packing away ornaments and sweeping up pine needles this weekend, but the Christmas season isn't officially over yet.

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Medieval Lords
Developer(s) Monte Cristo Multimedia
Release date(s) 26 Aug 2004
Genre(s) Strategy
Mode(s) Single player
Platform(s) Windows

Medieval Lords is a notable computer video game that came out in 2004 by the French company Monte Cristo Multimedia.

It plays like a mediaeval version of SimCity being like a city building game where the violence and battles take a back seat to village management like providing food, entertainment, transit and religious amenities to your peasants so you can collect taxes on them.

It features like a "First Person" view where you can walk around your city and all that if you want. That's really the only cool part about the game if you know what I mean.

One thing is that it is richly detailed and very popular with teenage type persons.

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