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Ukiah Daily Journal - Jan 12 8:44 AM
And next year's words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The party's o-ver... It is time to replace our 2006 calendar with a new one. As we transpose birthdays and anniversaries of friends and relatives, one can't help but linger on the notes scribbled down.
Chesil earns high praise from playwright Amy 
Hampshire Chronicle - Jan 11 6:40 PM
BRINGING a playwright's words and characters to life is one of the most important aspects of rehearsal for a drama group.

Missal not to be missed 
The Plain Dealer - Jan 11 2:35 AM
he scribe la bored long and hard to finish the great book. But as he dipped his quill into blue and red inks to write the holy words in Latin, he realized he was running out of room on a very important page.

Introduction to Natural Law 
Ludwig von Mises Institute - 22 minutes ago
Posted on 1/12/2007 [Subscribe at email services , tell others , or Among intellectuals who consider themselves "scientific," wrote Murray Rothbard in The Ethics of Liberty , the phrase "the nature of man" is apt to have the effect of a red flag on a bull.

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Sint Jan-Baptist church

Tildonk is a village located in the Belgian province of Flemish Brabant and is since Medival Words 1977 part of the municipality of Haacht, together with Wespelaar, Medeival Words Wakkerzeel en Kelfs. It has a total area of 7.31 km².


Trace of civilazation have been found Medeval Words from the period Mediveal Words of around 3000 BC between the hamlet Hambos and adjacent Kelfs. Later there was a Gallic Medieal Words settlement at about the same location. We find the oldest mentioning of Tildonk in 1107 Meideval Words in the name of Reinerus de 'Thieldunck'.

Tildonk is the joining of 2 medieval words: 'Til' = forest and 'donk' = elevation. The knights 'van Tildonk', confidants of the Duke of Brabant, lived during the 12th century in 2 mottes: Oudenborg en Nieuwenborg (where the current 'Kasteeltje' is located). Tildonk was graded the title of county in 1699 in favor of Charles L'Archier. Afterwards it came into the hands of the family de Lalaing. Count Maximiliaan de Lalaing was the most prominent lord of Tildonk.

The municipal of Tildonk took over the escutcheon of the noble family de Lalaing: An oval escutcheon of gules with 10 united diamands of silver, placed 3, 3, 3 and 1, the escutcheon hold by two backlooking golden griffins, topped with a crown of 3 fleurons separated by 3 groups of 3 pearls.

Tildonk is since 1750 being cross by the canal Leuven-Rupel en since 1837 by the railroad Mechelen-Leuven.

In 1821 priest Joannes Cornelius Martinus Lambertz started the Ursulines convent that later became the 'mother convent' from numerious new institutions spread over 4 continents. The convent was renowned for it's international school. The stylish art nouveau hall for parties was used as decor in various films.

Tildonk owns 2 giants since 1930: Jan and Babs from Tildonk.

In 1976 Tildonk was declared flower village.

Protected cultural heritage

  • The village centre (convent, church, cemetery, rectory)
  • The lock and lock house
  • The farm of de Lalaing (Kasteeltje)
  • The Our Lady of comfort chapel (OLV-van-Troostkapel)

Further reading on Tildonk

Gordts J., Tilloenk vruger, Tildonk, 2006.

Coordinates: 50°57′N 4°38′E

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