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Take a whack at 'Super Swing Golf' 

The Olympian - Jan 12 4:11 AM
I t's the January lull. Because so many game companies placed hundreds of games on the market during the past holiday season, there are few offerings of note in these first weeks of January.
Disney to launch more massively multiplayer games 
Reuters via Yahoo! News - Jan 08 8:36 PM
Walt Disney Co. sees launching more online so-called massively multiplayer games as part of a strategy to entertain kids wherever they go, Chief Executive Bob Iger said on Monday.

Retro Roundup 1/11 Edition: Gradius, Jumping Flash! and Ms. Pac-Man - Jan 11 12:59 PM
This week's old games last week's old games.

See a medieval war in modern-day Maryland 
Baltimore Sun - Jan 10 5:49 AM
Documentary filmed in area is free on Web site this month Weekend warriors, clad in homemade armor and wielding fearsome-looking weapons, travel throughout the Baltimore area to experience the wonders of battle. But thanks to the Internet, the rest of us need never step outside our dens to join in the rampage.

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Medieval Scenarios and Recreations, known simply as MSR, is a non-profit Living History organization dedicated to the education, understanding and appreciation of the Middle Ages. The Medival Games structure for this activity revolves around the Kingdom of Acre (pronounced AC-R).


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The organization maintains a webstite at


MSR places special emphasis on the fairs and festivals they produce or attend. They create these events with the intention of recreating an experience for guests similar to that found by attendees of an actual medieval fair. Visitors enjoy a series of performances and demonstrations, can visit period merchants and artists, and are given a full palette of activities to enjoy. Archery, children's games, puppet shows, painting and activity booths are one type of activity, along with martial demonstrations of live steel medieval swordplay, combat "of peace" with wooden swords, and fencing demonstrations. MSR's fairs normally feature their horse show, with barded heavy war horses and fully armored jousters breaking lances (but not each other.)

They also have a full set of social activities throughout the year, with the Medieval Recreation Kingdom of Acre.

What Do Members Do?

MSR's Kingdom of Acre seeks to replicate nearly all aspects of medieval life... the lords and ladies, citizens and subjects of Acre enjoy period music, song and dance, historic research and costume design, calligraphy, archery, medieval games, cooking, brewing and other varied medieval arts and crafts. Members are afforded the opportunity to seek their "roots" through heraldic research and those who have no roots in the crusader period can always make them up.

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