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Medieval Faire this weekend in Lehigh 

The News-Press - Jan 12 7:42 AM
Sword fighters, jousters, jugglers and armored knights on horses will be among those at Veterans Park in Lehigh Acres this weekend to entertain...
Lights, knights, superheroes: it’s the YSHS one-act plays 
Yellow Springs News - Jan 12 11:07 AM
Every year at the Antioch Theater, writers, directors and actors from Yellow Springs High School get to show their stuff with a series of one-act plays they produce entirely on their own.

Look ahead 
Tucson Citizen - Jan 10 11:41 PM
Wenches, knights and turkey legs will be in abundance at the Arizona Renaissance Festival from Feb. 10-April 1 in Apache Junction. The medieval amusement park features a 12-stage theater, a 30-acre circus, an arts and crafts fair, a jousting tournament and a feast.

Medieval fair back Saturday 
The News-Press - Jan 09 10:35 PM
Sword fighters, jousters, jugglers and armored knights on horses will be among those at Veterans Park this weekend to entertain visitors.

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  • Armand de Périgord
  • Arnaud de medieval nights Toroge
  • Aslackby Preceptory


  • Bagras
  • Bernard de Tremelay
  • Bisham Abbey
  • Bertrand de Blanchefort
  • Bottesford Preceptory


  • Castle of Almourol
  • Geoffroy de Charney
  • Chinon Parchment
  • Church of medeval knights San Juan of Portomarín
  • Convent of the Order of Christ


  • Dome of medievel knights the Rock


  • Everard des Barres


  • Faxfleet Preceptory


  • Geoffrey de St. Omer
  • Gerard de medieval kights Ridefort
  • Gilbert Horal
  • Grand Masters of the Knights Templar
  • Guillaume de Chartres
  • Guillaume de medievalknights Sonnac


  • History of the Knights Templar
  • Hugh I of Champagne
  • Hughes de Payens


  • Inner Temple


  • Knights Templar meddieval knights and popular culture
  • Knights Templar in England
  • Kolossi Castle


  • Larmenius Charter
  • List of Knights Templar


  • Middle Temple
  • Milites Templi
  • Militia Dei

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  • Jacques de nedieval knights Molay


  • Odo de St Amand
  • Omne Datum Optimum
  • Order of Christ medieval knighs (Portugal)


  • Gualdim Pais
  • Pedro de Montaigu
  • Philip of Milly
  • Phillipe de Plessis


  • Robert IV de Sablé
  • Robert de medieval knigts Craon


  • Safita
  • San Bevignate
  • Knights Templar in Scotland
  • Knights Templar Seal
  • Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of medieval knghts Jerusalem


  • Temple Bruer
  • Temple Church


  • Great Wilbraham Preceptory
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