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ECC hosts 'fight' workshop 

The Courier News - Jan 12 2:38 AM
ELGIN -- From rapier and dagger fighting like a Shakespearean character to commanding sword and shield skills like a Roman guard, Elgin Community College will host the largest Midwest stage combat workshop this weekend as more than 160 students, faculty, actors and fight directors from across the nation and Great Britain converge on the college.
Bladestorm: The Hundred Years War for PlayStation 3 - New Screenshots 
GameInfoWire - Jan 11 10:31 PM
39 PlayStation 3 Screenshots posted, from Koei

Faces of War 
New York Times - Jan 05 9:20 PM
This novel is set in a British hospital treating soldiers disfigured in battle.

Let them tell you 
Arizona Daily Star - Jan 03 11:23 PM
Pima County recently reached 1 million residents. That's a million people with a million stories to tell.

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