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Gilligan would be in heaven - Dec 24 5:42 PM
In medieval days, it was baked into cakes stamped with patterns and sold at street fairs. In Tudor times, English bakers would adorn ginger cakes with gold leaf.
Piece of cake 
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Dec 19 10:29 PM
Of all the Old World flavors of Christmas, few are as deeply entrenched or cherished as gingerbread. Too bad it's...

Dave Johnson: Who is Our Economy FOR, Anyway? 
HuffingtonPost - Dec 18 10:03 AM
In the United States there is no legal minimum number of vacation days for workers. I guess we're all supposed to be thankful to the rich for "giving us jobs." The rest of the world? Different . (As you read this, remember that 20 days means minimum four weeks vacation by law, not three.) Here are a few examples: Austria: 5 weeks, for elderly employees 6 weeks Belgium: 20 days, premium ...

Did global warming lead to flooding? The experts say Yes 
The Scotsman - Dec 14 5:14 PM
HOMES evacuated, train lines cut, roads under water, rivers at dangerously high levels. Scotland was still struggling last night to deal with the aftermath of massive downpours which have drenched the country.

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