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Dancing, spears, swords: Farm Show has it all 

Lancaster Online - 2 hours, 47 minutes ago
Cowboys and cowgirls, Irish dancers and various horse specialists highlighted Thursday's events at the Pennsylvania Farm Show.
"Dancing in the Streets" | Joy to the world! 
Seattle Times - Jan 12 12:12 AM
In the past 30 years, psychology journals have published 45,000 articles on depression, but only 400 on "joy," author Barbara Ehrenreich...

New season: Norwich Playhouse 
EDP24 - Eastern Daily Press - Jan 12 8:05 AM
The St George's Street venue has had many great comedy line-ups over the years - but this new season programme has to be one of the strongest.

Good golly, it's the Mollys! 
Lynn News - Jan 12 12:54 AM
MORE than 300 people took to the streets of Northwold to revive an age-old tradition this week. (12/01/2007 08:44:40)

- Medeival Dance

Here is an article on Medieval Dance.

The first detailed descriptions of dancing in Europe date from 1450 in Italy, which is after the start of the Renaissance. However, we know that Medival Dance dancing was popular in Europe during the Middle Ages, for Medeival Dance it was depicted in paintings and illuminations, and described in texts.

Forms of dance during the Medeval Dance Middle Ages included the carol and the estampie. The Mediveal Dance carol consists of a circle Medieal Dance of dancers holding hands, with the dancers singing while dancing. Both the carol and the estampie are also musical Meideval Dance forms. The Christmas carol (as a musical form) survives to the modern era.

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