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Secrets well stitched 

Los Angeles Times - Jan 11 3:07 AM
Which designers' gowns will show up on the red carpet? Lips are zipped, but it's fun to guess. Want to know what Helen, Kate, Evangeline, Penélope and Cate will wear to the Golden Globes?
Boyd Tonkin: A Week in Books 
Independent - Jan 04 4:18 PM
"It is a new dawn, is it not?" As the Blair decade grinds to its end, the literary verdict will begin to arrive on the premier's rhetorical question as the sun rose after his first triumph. And the majority vote will answer: "Sorry, Tony, it was not." The first half of 2007 will see an unusually broad span of writers reflect on the Britain of the Blair era, especially in fiction. Sometimes, the ...

Kylie Minogue to Strut at V&A as London Museum Broadens Appeal - Jan 02 1:54 AM
Jan. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Kylie Minogue has a four-month gig coming up at London's Victoria & Albert Museum. The 38-year-old Australian singer's costumes, accessories and images will be on show from February to June in ``KYLIE: The Exhibition.''

Armor as much art as gear 
The Cincinnati Enquirer - Dec 28 2:40 AM
For 41-year-old Ben Scheiner, making suits of armor and other medieval military gear is an art form, a profitable hobby and, at one time, was a full-time job.

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