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The Dresden Files 

Entertainment Weekly - Jan 12 3:06 AM
I am a simple, geeky woman who enjoys watching sexy people in tight pants try to solve mystical riddles while being cosmo-blasted by otherworldly beings.
Morocco: Prosecutor Seeks Prison Terms And Closure of 'Nichane' Weekly - Jan 11 6:40 AM
Reporters Without Borders has voiced dismay at the sentences of three to five years in prison and bans on working as journalists that the state prosecutor requested on 8 January 2007 in Casablanca at the start of the trial of Driss Ksikes, editor of the Arabic-language weekly "Nichane", and one of his journalists, Sanaa Elaji, on charges of "damaging Islam" and "publishing and distributing ...

Uganda: Parliament And Other Plagues - Jan 08 8:14 AM
The abbreviation "MP" stands for "Member of Parliament", but in Uganda it could also refer to "Movement Pest". In the twenty-first year of the ruling National Resistance Movement, Uganda has a gang of about 330 elected legislators.

Smith clear favourite in absence of ready rivals 
The Scotsman: Sport - Jan 04 5:01 PM
THE recently-knighted Sir David Murray has good reason to consider that his medieval predecessors, charged with locating the Holy Grail, faced a mission that was only marginally more devilish than the search for the next manager of Rangers.

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